Useful Links

Below are some resources we've used over the years for planning my trips. Note that some links may have referral codes attached to them to help earn some money to support this website, still we have only included resources which we've used ourselves and we believe in.


  • Agoda - Great for finding cheap accommodation
  • Airbnb - Stay in peoples and houses and apartments for cheap
  • CouchSurfing - Like Facebook for free accommodation
  • Help Exchange - Volunteer for free room & board
  • WWOOF - Volunteer on organic farms for free room & board
  • Workaway - Volunteer for free room & board



  • AirAsia - Cheap flights in SE Asia


  • Seat 61 - General train info for many countries

  • Korea



Hot Springs


  • Hitou - Secluded hot spring ryokan
  • Secret Onsen - A bit outdated, but still a good onsen search site
  • Sento Guide - Discover sento (public bath houses) around Japan
  • Japan Baths - Website covering sento in Kyoto and Osaka

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